About us


We are a bounded team and every single day, we put forward our technological know-how and our soft skills at the service of enterprises which want to see their products alive.

Marebiz is a B2B2C software company that helps clients visualize products in any environment thanks to augmented, virtual and mixed reality.

Marebiz Solution for sales, maintenance or training gives life to your product in very simple, quick and impactful way in any environment…

Our Ambition
Offer a solution to our clients to revolutionize and simplify the product experience.

Our Vision
Use the available breakthrough technologies to change the product interaction in the society and seamlessly, simplify, dynamize and optimize their understanding in the real world.

Augment your products and your sales

Our expertise

Our expertise in collaboration with our clients to simplify the product and client experience with objectives to:

  • Increase sales
  • Shorter learning curve
  • Access knowledge anytime

Our values


We are technological and business experts who can transform technology into a tool with powerful business impact.

Marebiz Innovation is not impetious innovation, it’s a mature innovation based on deep thinking technology.


We know how to make our solution grow in a co-design approach with our client and build the useful solution they need.

Let’s build together a new product experience.

Game changing

We are part of building the XR (Extended reality) era which is taking place and creating a new trail. A new approach of the product presentation and client experience will be tomorrow our day to day thanks to natural immersion.


We are changing the experience to simplify, accelerate and add dynamism to the product.

Marebiz and its solution, simplify the experience in order  to simplify the organisation, client and employees‘ life.