In many cases, medical equipments in laboratories or hospital market are of significant size, real challenge to take them to client’s . The prospect can have a difficult time to visualise the new product on their premises.

Use case

The capacity to show the medical equipment technicity with animation.

Verify the minimum space required for the equipment

Add in real time and size the new equipment by creating a virtual empty space for better visualisation


Shorter sales cycle

Interactive user experience

Better product understanding

Less negociation

Business Case

Twofold challenge, for many medical equipments manufacturers ( radiology,etc..) and buyers (laboratories, hospitals):

  • Showing a product on premise for the manufacturer
  • Visualizing the product for the client

A prospect who can visualize is already a client

With the solution the product portfolio is available any time in real time and size. The product can be shown and become lively as if it was real. First, the animation of the different features brings life to the product. It is also possible to interact with the product to get a better understanding of its technicality. The product minimum space required will be covered via the real size visualisation.

It will also be possible to empty virtually a room to add the new product in a clear space.

The prospect sees directly an augmented product with which he can interact to feel confident with his choice. It’s an opportunity to show your product in a different way, simply and accessible

If your prospect is still hesitating, you can grant him access to the application and he will be able to work out all the simulations to make a team decision.

An augmented and simplified product for a quick understanding.

A decision making tool and a remote sales channel.