Sales Solution

Increase your sales

From 5 to 20% over a 12 month period

Empower your sales team and help your clients buy confidently.

Your new remote sales channel.

Present your product in a simple way for a better customer experience.

Decrease the cognitive distance

Purchasing is first of all an emotional act and your raison supports or disprove the decision.

We are many to face a real challenge when it comes to visualise a 2D product into its 3D environment. Moving from the 2D world ( paper, video) to the 3D world is an exercise that requires an outstanding brain effort. This distance between the 2D and the 3D, is what we call the cognitive distance which is respectively depending on the individual. Let’s reduce this distance to improve decision making.

A prospect who can visualise your product is already a client !!!

Your prospects have a hard time visualizing your product, definitely they are not ready to buy. Undecided prospects think more and can eventually change their mind. A real nightmare for your sales representative and a real frustration for the buyer.

The client can visualize in real time and size all the possible configurations.

Our markets

Wood stove

For Many families investing in a wood stove to bring warmth into their household, requires some thinking. Advices from an expert is required to be compliant with technical requirements and regulations….

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medical equipment

Twofold challenge, for many medical equipments manufacturers ( radiology,etc..) and buyers (laboratories, hospitals)…

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Snack and Food Vending machines

To help prospects visualize and apprehend the product on his own premises. The solution helps him interact with the product as if it was physically present.

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