Snack and Food Vending machines


A snack&food vending machine is not a light weight or discreet equipment . Often, it is shown on video, catalog paper or PowerPoint. It is not that easy to visualize the space needed in the train station or the lobby with these supports.

Use case

  • See all the possible configurations of vending machines in real size and time
  • See in a simple way the space needed.
  • Show in a dynamic way the available selections


shorter sales cycle

No catalog paper needed

Better understanding of technical specifications

Lower product returns

Business case

Significant size equipements like snacking&food vending machines, are difficult to bring to customers’ appointment. Same for trade shows where logistics cost can be high for this type of shipments.

To help prospects visualize and apprehend the product on his own premises. The solution helps them interact with the product as if it was physically present.

Simulate at the same time, the different possible configurations in size and colors.

Focus is on the product which becomes magic and makes the show with the client.

The prospect makes a decision quicker because he can visualize the product.

Your prospect is still hesitating after the first meeting, grant him access to the application. He can take the time to make the right decision.

Less on site customers meetings and a client who makes the right decision at his own pace, alone or with his team.

A decision making tool and a remote sales channel.

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