Wood stove


  • Not easy to have in store all the possible configurations
  • Hesitation that never stops
  • A longer sales cycle

Use case

Real time and size visualisation of all possible configurations. No more hesitation thanks to the emotion coming from the natural immersion.

A prospect is still hesitating between 2 models, he can still realize the simulation at home with the application to get a more precise idea of the product in his own household.


Shorter clients decision process

Easy understanding of technical information

Product visualisation at client’s

Business case

For Many families investing in a wood stove to bring warmth into their household, requires some thinking. Advices from an expert is required to be compliant with technical requirements and regulations.

Wood or pellet stoves are heating decoration pieces of furniture. Beside the technical specifications, many families have a hard time visualizing their new piece of furniture in their dining or living room. Moreover, even in stores can be a challenge to have all the possible configurations which reinforce the prospects hesitation

Longer decision making process and many meetings to reassure your future client.

In store the augmented reality solution helps the prospect see in real size all the possible configurations . It is no longer necessary to try to imagine a product with this particular color, option or pipe.

The desired product becomes live with your prospect in your store.

If for any reason your prospect is still hesitating between several products, you can add these respective models in the application for the prospect to funnel his decision process. He can visualize at home the stove with the desired configuration in real size and time with the whole family.

Shorter sales cycles, happy clients with their choice and mainly quick sales increase.

Your clients will share their experience with friends and family, which is a spark of your viral marketing.

Your brand and your products spread out in no time.


A decision making tool and a remote sales channel.

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